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Developments Progressing Finally


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After a long time waiting for any news on development on the town centre and Omega it has been great to see these 2 pieces of news over the last 2 days.





Muse Developments are a great choice to re-develop the town centre looking at the projects they have completed and projects they have been selected for.


With the town centre development I hope housing is included, not just apartment blocks but good family housing that people actually need. For a big town the quality/choice of housing in or near to the centre is poor.


Maybe these developments and others currently happening like the Orford Park Project will help encourage other developments.

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I don't think housing is on the cards for the Town Centre Development Lister as where would they build them? I could be wrong though.


It's about time that they started to sort Bridge Street out as since the opening of the golden square and businesses moving into there Bridge Street has become and empty no-mans land.


I do hope though that they wont just replace all the lovely old buildings with modern glass square featureless blocks and things. I'm not sure if any of the existing buildings are listed/protected but I don't think they are.... it is a conservation area though.


So without wanting to sound like an old frump I do hope they retain some of the character of the old buildings in some way.

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From the various documents that have been released I know that houses aren't in the plans for the Bridge Street/Warrington Market area, and only apartments are planned. That is what I'm saying is unfortunate.


Looking around though there are various areas close to the town centre that are possibly going to be suitable for housing in the coming years.


  • The land across from Sainsbury's next to The Marquis
  • All of the land just off Wilderspool Causeway - Wilderspool Stadium, the bus depot, second hand car dealer and garage etc.
  • The old MFI site and other land around that area
  • Winwick Street
  • The industrial units next to Riverside Retail Park


And probably others, but there's the problem of money and planning.

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They were/are I think. But lets face it other than single yuppies who wants to live in an town/city centre flat anyway.


Most people would much prefer to be able to own/live in a house, ie family type accomodation. Despite all these new and never ending housing developments popping up everwhere locally and which get passed with the merit of being 'affordable' most houses are still completely out of the reach of most people's pockets unless they already 'own' and have one to sell.


Affordable should MEAN affordable and not just a catch phrase which ticks a box to allow the developers to get through planning and line their own pockets as usual :evil: Affordable only means that a small proportion of each new development gets passed over to the housing authority. The rest are mostly un-affordable to the first time buyer on a normal wage !!


Business is business though I suppose.

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