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timing on messages


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Hiy Wahl


If you go to your profile page (quickest way is to click on your own name)


Then when in the profile screen opens click 'edit my profile' on the top right.


Just under the heading bar which says 'Your Options' click the tab that says 'settings'


Top option is for Time Zone


make sure it is set to


GMT - Casablanca, Dublin, London, Lisbon


you should be ok then and it will show all posts with the correct time

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I forgot to ask


are you using a mobile or a pc or both?


If you are using both then you will need to set one or the other but you can't set both if they are different (well I cant anyway).


If I posted from my PC it was one hour infront.


If I posted from my mobile they were -1 hour behind. *not that I normally use my mobile.


On my pc I did what I said above which corrected my times when posting on my pc but my mobile still shows -1 hour.


and if I edit my mobile to show the correct time it then puts my pc posts back to +1 hour in front.



PS If you are using a mobile and want to set that but you cant access your full profile click on the botton of the screen where it says 'Show Full Version' it will then give you the button to 'edit your profile' in the top right of the screen.


and you will need to get it to GMT +1 hour


I hope all that made sense as I'm only learning too :oops: Dizzy

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