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Bad Girls ?


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Originally posted by McBain:

Sorry Dismayed, when I posted that I meant it to be read that Warrington was displaying an economy of intelligence (i.e. not using a great deal of intellect).


The revised slogan is below:


Warrington Council: Reducing Effort & Intelligence for your Benefit!

Sorry McBain twas my fault I read the original one to mean the other way although on a second read it does read as you meant it too... women eh always reading something different into what is said :D:wink:
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Maybe a ban on Oktoberfest is required. On second thoughts, this is December! On third thoughts, these problems predate any of that! Finally, Oktoberfest might have made them more intelligent for a while. I hope. I doubt. They're a bunch of clowns over here as well! :roll:


Wait a minute, clowns at least are skilled, professional entertainers!


[ 19.12.2007, 22:20: Message edited by: GUNNER ]

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