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Serious incident - Rylands street


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Town centre on a friday / saturday night is a war zone. It is not fit for normal people to be there. We seem to have invented a kind of sub culture that come's out after 10pm and a few bottles of Buds. Met these people at any other time and they normal. It will certainly get worse before it gets better and some kind of drastic action needs to be taken. The streets are not safe, if you are male aged between 18~30 you are quite likly to get involved in a fight.

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Can't do that Mary. You'd have the environmentalists on your back for wasting a precious resource. :D:D:D

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Don't have to, I know what it means, apart from being something to do with wheat can't remember what, but what you're pointing out is that it has been an adopted misspelling due to its common usage.


One day all my misspellings? will be accepted too, my point was, that those pointing out spelling and grammar mistakes should be perfect in their own...although, I am very articulate,verbose and actually quite a good speller as it goes, I use forums as a quick fire chat rather than formal documentations and commentary that require eloquent presentation. Add to that I am a lazy writer.


I didn't bother pointing out the grammar mistakes, missing apostrophes' etc. in your post...I thought the SPELT was funny enough.


[ 11.03.2008, 09:32: Message edited by: Legion ]

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Do you keep a tally of the points you try to score off people? or is this just an ego boost for you?.


A wordsmith I am not but if you are honest neither are you if I was to spend time looking at and commenting at all your errors I would never get any work done.

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