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Manchester Road Closed in Woolston


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This evening I was driving into Warrington along Manchester Road from the M6 turn off in Woolston when outside the Citreon garage the road was closed by police.

There were certainly alot of blue lights and various emergancy service vehciles (ambulance, paramedic, fire engine, police) I was diverted back on myself.


Later I heard a traffic report telling me that the road was closed, does anyone know what happened?


All the best to anyone who may have been involved

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Two injured in

four-car crash

by David Skentelbery




TWO people were trapped in their cars for nearly an hour after a four-car pile-up in Manchester Road, Warrington.

Fire crews, police, two ambulances and a doctor were called to the scene, near the junction with Jackson Avenue. A man and a woman were eventually released from two wrecked cars and were rushed to Warrington Hospital, one with leg injuries and the other with head and leg injuries.

They had earlier been treated at the scene.

Their injuries were described as "serious".

The crash, shortly before 7pm last night (Tuesday) completed closed the road and police operated diversions. But there were huge tail-backs.

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I?ve written this before but if you take the whole of Manchester Road, there are certain areas that suggest themselves as being more of a risk than others and none more so than the area of this accident. The sudden change from the relatively safe dual carriageway into a more residential area with pedestrians and parked cars is always going to be a risk. And this is where the camera needs to be.


The cameras current location is more likely to catch local people like me just nudging above the limit on a road that elsewhere in the country might well have a 50 or 60mph limit. I?m sure the location of this camera owes more to raising revenue than it does for road safety.


Bill :)

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Maybe if they brought a law in which makes people put their cars on the drive instead of cluttering up the roads with cars whilst having loads of empty parking spaces, we may get somewhere.


Manchester Road is a prime example of cars on the road and footpath while a great expanse of flagstones lies just beyond that gate.....


Maybe the problem is having to get in and out of the car all the time to open and close the thing!

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