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An Englishman Irishman and a -----


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An Englishman,Irishman and a Chinese man, were all employed on a building site.

The foreman says to the Englishman, "You're in charge of sweeping" and to the Irishman,"You're in charge of shovelling" and to the Chinese man "You're in charge of supplies". The foreman then pointed to a large pile of sand, and said " I shall be away for about two hours, when I return I expect that sand to be shifted."

When the foreman returned the sand was untouched.He asked the Englishman"Why didn't you sweep any of it ?" He said "I have no broom, and I could not find the Chinese fellow who was in charge of supplies".

He asked the Irishman why he had not shovelled any of the sand, and he got the same reply.

The foreman was now very annoyed, and he stormed towards the huge pile of sand looking for the Chinese man.

All of a sudden the Chinese man leaps out from behind the pile of sand and shouts " SUPPLIES !!!!!!!

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