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Things that your mum & dad said to you when you were a c


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Things that your mum & dad said to you when you were a child or that you have said to your children (please add to the list):-


Go and ask your mother!

Careful! your going to poke someones eye out with that!

Stop crying or I'llgive you something to cry about!

Get it eaten it'll do you good!

Because I said so!

If you get run over I'll murder you!

Oi! don't sit there that's my chair!

What part of NO! do you not understand!

I'll tell you why, because I said so that's why!

You didn't beat me I let you win!

Get your hair cut or I'll buy you a violin!

If you don't do your homework you'll finish up like your father!

Call that a haircut!

Your not going out dressed like that,

When I was your age!


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Go on then, but if you break your legs don't come running to me.


Make sure your wearing clean underwear in case you get run over.


you could mither a nest of rats.


go play on the motorway.


One or two that were said when dad was nipping out for a few pints and we would ask where he was going.


Going to get some neck oil.


just going to see a man about a dog. (we would wait for hours for him to come back with a dog but he never did bring one back with him :cry::cry: )

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Quite a few already listed from what mine used to say but also


'It's not the dead you should be afraid of but the living' or

'The dead cant hurt you only the living can' (I was scared of ghosts)


'You will regret it when you are older'


'when you leave school you will look back one day and realise how good it was and wish you had tried harder' .... YEP :oops:


'If you put as much effort into your work as you do messing about and talking you will go far'


... my dad used to say that he 'should have kept the after-birth and thrown my brother away' :oops: I'm sure he didn't really mean it :lol:

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I belong to a different age than most.


Ginny green teeth lives in the dirty stream behind what was the bandstand in Orford Park. Apparently she would drag little boys down if she got a chance.


A black man - the galosha man - hides in the dark at the side of Orford avenue/ Alder lane railway bridge.


And, slightly more wholesome - she used to send me to the shops in the rain - "it's good for your complexion".


Happy days

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:shock: Oooh Ginny Green Teeth... I'd forgotten about her and she was still around when we were kids too Harry but must have moved from Orford by then :lol:


There was an old lady that lived opposite us and if she ever saw us wandering about without shoes on which I did all the time she used to bellow with a sense of panic and dread in her voice


'You'll get syncopy when you are older'


or whenever she spotted us sitting on the pavements etc


'You'll get piles when you are older'


I wonder at what age I will get them both then :lol:

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