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Social media - which is your favourite?


Which is your favourite interactive social media  

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  1. 1. Which is your favourite interactive social media

    • Discussion forums
    • Face book
    • Twitter
    • Blogging
    • My Space

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With the ever increasing choices of social media just wondered which was the favourite of warrington-worldwide forums - if you have any other suggestions I will add them!

With all the competition from face book and twitter - I am interested to know your views on the future of forums like ths- which is shortly to be updated!

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I dont use any of them and this is the only forum I use too.


I do have a facebook account but I only use it to see pics of my little nephew down south. I have no friends :lol:


My son uses facebook all the time though if that helps... but he never comes on here :? I guess that didn't help either :oops:

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Is it taking you a while to find them Eagle :wink:


What gets me about facebook is WHY people have little chats on there all the time rather than having real conversations over the phone or better still face to face and in person. Odd.

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Can't be bothered with things like Facebook, and staff where I work are discouraged from using it anyway.


Was always a fan of the national Guardian's talkboard, which was unceremoniously shut down earlier this year (the talkboard, not the paper). A few dedicated and fearless individuals, most notably the heroic Johnny the Sailor, provided a haven for the refugee posters, which exists here:




Still the best imo, no ads, no clutter, just talking.

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Seems facebook needs to be avoided if your on Jury service! :lol:


I wonder which one she finds the hardest to cope with ? Will it be the prison sentence or the awful photo of her that all the press are showing? She looks like she needs locking up and reminds me of the close up maggot pictures I posted the other day..... uncanny :oops::lol::oops: .



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I appreciate that what she did was wrong, but par for the course in today's society, however, was it really necessary to send her to prison at our expense to make the point, when this was her first ever offence? Surely a more suitable punishment would be to take away her computer/phone for 6 months, ban her from using any internet access and make her work at the courts on a voluntary basis to advise all jury members on the consequences of not following the rules. That would be shame enough and she would probably never re-offend.

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