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A Life too Long


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The sun went dark on my life today

And all my dreams just fizzled away

My heart was full of love and song

I don't understand just what went wrong.

Her love was mine, my life complete

And then the call for us to meet

My world was shattered, my heart undone

A sky full of clouds put out the sun.

Her love has passed, was what she said

She loved another and now was wed

She smiled the way I used to know

And then she turned and started to go.

I called out and cried for her to wait

But soon I realized it was too late

The dance in her step was all I could see

It was something she'd never had with me.

I turned and walked away from the past

Love seems to be a sham, not born to last

There must be a future, but what is it to be

Dream after dream and then reality.

I lay down to sleep and began to wonder

Will I wake up to life or lightning and thunder

And then realized that I just don't care

My future is today and my life nowhere.

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Sorry to hear that but I thought maybe that was the case by the way it was worded.


I'm sure a lot who read it will relate to what you said and I can from my younger years, life sucks at times eh but it always gets better :wink:


Gosh I'm sounding like one of those agony columnists.. sorry I didn't mean to :oops::lol:


Welcome to the forum and have a look around at all the other topics and sections too as there's loads of chatting about all sorts of stuff on here so join in and if there's nothing that takes your fancy start some new topics.


I'm getting bored of talking about vegies and energy prices now so any fresh input gratefully received :wink:

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What a moving and poignant piece. Written from personal experience but inspired by that experience it has prompted you to reveal a talent that you may not have realised that you had.


Hopefully this will lead you to write more as the muse takes you. So welcome and keep writing it can help ease the pains that life throws at you, be they new pains or pains from the past that occasionally come back to prod at the tender bits.


It is these experiences that make us what we are. without them we would be someone else.


Oh and fugs how do you know that the person has not already moved on and just decided to post this piece written many moons ago.


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When you find the girl who has a ‘dance in her step’ for you Roy, you’ll realize that love is a two way thing and anything else is in fact ‘a sham’. Then you’ll thank God you didn’t marry the girl of your poem!


You express your emotions well,I think you have a talent for poetry. Thanks for sharing this with us have you written any more?

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Here's one on a more cynical note, (my taste in poetry is not particularly high brow I admit!) :lol:


The Chat Up


I thought he looked quite nice

as he ladled some more ice....into my vodka.

I liked his eyes, his hair, his smile

and so we bantered for a while....sat upon our bar stools.

He was tall and dark.... in fact quite fit!

Full of fun and full of wit

But he talked a load of shit!....God I meet some fools!


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