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Lt Kije

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I don't know as it's the first I've heard of it and I can't be bothered to google news as it's late.


What sort of powers have they now been given and if the scotts leave the UK will they take all our Scottish government bods with them :wink:

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Scotland will never leave the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

It is Alec Salmon being a superb politician to run rings round the useless English civil service dogsbodies in order to provide excellent facilities in Scotland.

Unfortunately I believe the Welsh are different. all they have are a set of political nobodies who think they can run Wales as a separate nation with its own language but have little else to offer as a reason for having independence.



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Salmond wants in with the EU because as a seperate poor country, Scotland would be in line for massive handouts like they give to the Eastern Block countries. When in with us; the English, they don't qualify.

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Not too sure about that one Baz; EU Regional aid subsidies have moved east, and will continue to be used to bale out the new ascession States has they join with their begging bowls - so I can't see the Jocks getting owt there - anyway, they'll not vote for "indepenence" and Alex knows it. :wink:

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I have worked/lived in Scotland for a few years now and I can say that all this independence talk is nothing but political dribble. :evil:


I have yet to meet a Scotsman who wants independence. I am not saying that there aren't any but the pro independence are quite clearly in the minority. :roll:


It is purely used as a political tool for the SNP to "stand up to the bullies" of the south. If there were a referendum the SNP would lose. They know it, we know it and that is why there hasn't been one.


I myself am proud to say I am British and do not like the idea of UK breaking up. But this topic will not go away and I fear that England is now thinking Scotland want it so they are now saying "give it to em."


I hope my fears are not realised.

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