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D Day


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By a strange coincidence it was also the date of my in-laws wedding. June 6th that is not sure about the year though but may have been close to that :shock::shock:


Also just been reading an article from the liverpool echo about the last five remaining members of the 106th of shaw street. Out off a compliment of 650 who joined up at the start of the war.

The main article is about my wifes uncle who was a driver with the 106th. The full name off which is The 106th lancashire hussars (yeomanry) regiment off the royal horse artillery,TA.

The horse bit being the only reason that he joined up and in typical army fashion he never saw a horse the whole time he was in the regiment until he was released from the POW camp and finally arrived home to be demobbed.


It has given me a prod to re read his two books of memoirs of his war service.

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