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Girl With a Dragon Tattoo (swedish)


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I didn't read the novel and hadn't planned to see the English/Hollywood version when it is released later this year. Not my cup of tea -- investigative reporters, girls with tattoos, but was practically forced to watch the Swedish DVD this afternoon. Quite engrossing.


I can see why it was popular in 2009 in Europe. I can't imagine why there should be another version in English -- it was perfect as it was. Perhaps our theater owners did not want to take a chance with 'European art films from Sweden'. Must sucker the low brow audience in to buy the popcorn.


I consider it an old fashioned movie experience -- like reading a novel. Rich people gathered in a drawing room. One of you is the murderer. The final summing up -- men are such beasts.

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Unfortunately, I read the 3rd book first, followed by the 4th.

I have now obtained the 1st two which I will get round to reading plus I have the 2 DVD's that are available.


Excellent story. Sadly the author has died, but I believe his ex-wife has written one in a similar vein, that is as good if not better.


PS. You have to make allowances with Foreign authors and translations and try to understand the culture and thought process.

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