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Goodness gracious me!


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In all seriousness I am against things being outsourced to places like India all the time.


I know it is far cheaper wage wise etc but it always concerns me.


Security wise they are probably no worse than any other customer help lines else but my mind plays games with me probably because they are poorer countries, less well paid and I can't blummin' understad them hlaf the time (and vice versa of course).


They are often very helpfull though once they understand and their English is getting better :lol:


In the past few weeks I've had to phone various support numbers.


XBox Live was a freephone number to a country 4 hours infront of us (cant remember where but he did tell me) he was a little bit foreign sounding but excellent.


HSBC.... foreigh at first but then got to speak to an English Person.


3 mobile... sales foreign again and rather annoying / support foreign but helpfull / warrington shop bloody useless :lol:


Easyspace... Scottish (they are in Glasgow) YIPPEE


but what I have noticed is that all the annoying phone calls I receive despite being TPS registered are mostly Indian and called 'Dave' apart from 'Rodger' :lol::lol:


Whatever though all this outsourcing is putting more and more people out of work over here.


Ooh and before I forget... some hospitals dicate their letters/diagnosis/referals/notes etc... these are forwarded to places like India where they are typed out.. sent back.. checked by English people... sent back for corrections.. returned... checked again and then put on file and/or posted to the relevant person etc.


Now THAT is ridiculous :evil: and if you don't believe me ask some consultants especially ones down south :wink:

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Well we can see the long term problem but the fat cats can't as they are only interested in saving money short term.


So tell me do these people in foreign centres etc etc pay tax/paye and the like to the UK......of course they don't so although businesses save by outsourcing their work the government don't make their chunk and as such we the 'uk workers' have to face the consequences of increased tax rates to fund the defecit. And then our jobs aren't worthwhile or cost effective (or cost-prohibitive which seems to be the buzz word) so those go too one way or another.... eventually.


Such is life though so maybe if everyone from the UK moves abroad they stand a better chance of getting and keeping a job :roll:


Wonder how long it will be until all the Polish workers and others cotton on and go to India insead of here :wink:

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