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They climb trees, fall out of trees, break a bone or two, learn to climb better. T


hey catch bugs, get ill, develop a stronger imune system.


They help Dad with fencing or building around the farm, bash a finger or two with a hammer, learn to handle tools correctly.


And they play with the smaller animals, get bitten, butted or kicked, and learn how to handle them.


Whereas kids in towns just get fat and unhealthy playing computer games and watching TV - but never get hurt and never learn anything.




What complete bunkum. :roll:

1. There are many trees in towns. I live in a town and I have several in my own garden and am surrounded by hundreds of the things. Children can regularly be seen climbing and swinging from them.

2. No child ever improved his health by breaking his bones.

3. Catching bugs isn't solely confined to the countryside as town dwelling kids catch lots of bugs too. Farm kids do have much more chance of catching zoonoses which again will do nothing to improve their health, quite the opposite.

4.Smashing your hands with a hammer isn't going to teach you how to use a hammer properly.

5.Getting injured whilst handling animals won't improve a childs health. It will however increase their chances of getting zoonoses.

5. As far as i am aware farms now have electricity and therefore TV's and computers etc just the same as houses in the towns.


There are of course other factors to affect the health of farm dwellers.



From the HSE.




Agriculture has one of the highest fatal accident rates of any industry in the UK. It is also the only high-risk industry that has to deal with the constant presence of children. Farms are homes as well as workplaces.



Musculoskeletal injuries (MSD), exposure to dusts and respiratory sensitisers, zoonoses, noise and vibration (whole body and hand/arm) are the main causes of illness:


80% of those working in the industry suffer some form of musculoskeletal injury;

the incidence of asthma is twice the national average, and 40% of those working in the industry suffer respiratory disorders;

20,000 people suffer some form of zoonotic infection each year; and

25% of those working in the industry suffer some form of noise-induced hearing loss.




Not quite the rural idyll you paint Inky. :D:D:D:D:D

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Now that is a load of bunkum.

I worked on a farm for many years, and it is a really healthy life-style. You don't get colds, flu etc when you spend so much time outdoors.


What is a zoonose????


I agree with Inky, although his wording could be different to stop the more pedantic poster from trying to ridicule his post. Townies are "wimps". end of. :wink:

Have a nice day and go take some piccies. :lol::wink:

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"I worked on a farm for many years, and it is a really healthy life-style. " Explains a lot Peter.


You don't get colds, flu etc when you spend so much time outdoors. " :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


"What is a zoonose???? " Google is your friend.

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I worked on a farm for many years, and it is a really healthy life-style.


That doesn't half put me in mind of the "Only fools" sketch where trigger announces that he's eaten British beef all his life and it did him no harm :wink::wink::wink:

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German Bean sprouts grown on a farm in nothern germany now thought to be the cause. Results out tomorrow they say.


The sprouts of the beans, broccoli, peas, chickpeas, garlic lentils, mungo beans and radish and are also used in mixed salads.


German authorities have not ruled out other possible sources completely yet though so are urging Germans to continue avoiding all tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce until further notice.


I'm still giggling though about my own stupidity though after reading the news....


I actually thought bean sprouts were a vegetable in their own right ie they grew in little patches or on bean sprout plants....and it never occurred to me they were the 'sprouts' from different types of beans. :oops::oops: What a muppet !!!

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I did mention that Spain were considering legal action Asp on Friday Asp due to being unflarely blamed initially :wink:


Is a 'biogas plant' the thing that little beansprouts grow on... I was right all along :lol:


Joking aside having read the link and the processes that often take place such as irrigation with dirty water spread through dirty manure spreaders it's put me right off vegies (washed or not) :?

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Flippin' heck I wish they would make their minds up or just stop saying things until they have a better idea. Probably turn out that it was Peter's home grown spuds after all :wink::lol:

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This bloke talks sense and he makes his living as a microbiologist:




So what is the problem? :?:?:?

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Interesting but who is this bloke? Is he a scientist? Seems to be very believable though.


I guess all we are 'sure' about at the moment is that it has 'possibly' got 'something' to do with Germany as most of the people who have caught it have links with Germany. I intentionally uses the words 'sure' and 'possibly' and 'something' in the same sentence there


Have any other countries apart from Russia now stopped the import of salad/veg from Germany or anywhere else for that matter?


Yet again today the local SH co-op had loads of salad and veg early this afternoon which is a first on their usual sparce shelves :roll: Hardly any meat or bread as usual though. Same most days and no point in going with a shopping list :?


I wonder how far their food stuffs travel as they always blame it on the bad deliveries.

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Yes and yet another good reason for us to get out of the mess that is the EUSSR :x:x:x

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But how can they be so sure?


Local co-op still had full shelves of vegies and salad again today....

people are obviously still worried and concerned about the uncertanty and false findings so far.


Must admit I've not eaten any at all since the outbreak, have you :shock:

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Can't say that I have eaten any salad,but then again I do not have a very healthy diet so salads are something that I try when the doctor has a go at me and usually lasts for about a week then it is back to the usual rubbish.


Presumably they will eventually find out the cause and yet another food stuff will end up in the bin.


as an after thought wonder how this has affected the chinese take away trade.

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One train of thought is that this particular strain of E.coli is the result of using processed human excretia as a 'super' fertilizer, and has the unique capability of burrowing into vegetables and root crops instead of remaining on the surface of these items thus not being to be removed by simple washing or scrubbing.

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Double Yeuch smiley-sick009.gif


Do they really use that Algy.. .if what you say is true about the burrowing then it should be banned surely :?


Which countries use that process so I can avoid their vegies and root crops for ever.

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