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Road works in warrington


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Is it me or are all these roadworks just becoming unbeliveble?


Everywhere you go now there are roadworks, all major roads are slowly having some form of work going on and none are showing any signs of nearing completion.


I think this is scandalous, roads are congested, traffic management is none existant.. the lights do not even work half of the time.


How can the council approve all these roadworks to be carried out in the same time frame? is there a complaints procedure? as residents, surely enough is enough?

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welcome to my pet hate.


last week trip from hilden island to my house in dalam, usual rout, long lane, hawleys lane, longshaw street...usual time less than 4 minutes.


long lane blocked for road works, head up poplars ave, turning left at statham down to northway, damn long lane blocked all the way up, back up nothway, into longford, down gough ave to turn onto winwick road at the place where audi used to be....aggh!" still blocked...although absolutely no reason as the works were not there. back up to winwick road at LA bowl roundabout, down winwick road, turn right....aghhh! hawleys lane bridge flooded, back down hawleys turn right upto macdonalds, wait ages as huge traffic due to long lane works, wait at lights, get to top of longshaw, wait at lights, head down longshaw, bad traffic due to brige and longshaw road works, while sitting there here announcemnt on the radio about roadworks starting on the M62 at LAbowl next week...!!!!


time taken 30 minutes. distance 1 mile !!!

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I agree there are too many UNCONTROLLED roadworks in Warrington. This is because the traffic management wallies at Palmyra House are rudderless and incapable of management.

perhaps it is time the WBC Traffic committee took over the management of all proposed and actual roadworks including the ones from Transco - who are about to continue their traffic disruption in Great Sankey by destroying the new road surface laid less than a year ago. ( by the way who is paybing for the resurfacing to be done again or are we expected to put up with the usual lame excuse about "restored to the original state" when the holes rapidly appear.)


similarly with the merry diggers used by United Utilities, Norweb, Manweb or other such companies who regularly abuse their privilidge of being allowed to dig up roads by equally incompetent mismanagement?

Why are road humps being installed when most roads have holes appearing every day due to lack of maintnance


Why are there so many traffic lights that take little or no consideration of the actual traffic flow? Is it because each light is treated as an individual one with no regard to build up of traffic or is it just incompetent mismanagement?


warrington road are a disgrace, the management or so called traffic management are a disgrace so lets see the councillors earning some of their wages by taking over the management of traffic they could not do a worse job than the incumbents.


lets see some overpasses being built. Lets see a bypass of Chester road by bulding a proper road to Penketh

lets see some action to maintain roads by charging developers such as United Utilities and Omega for extra road use caused by their extra traffic.

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