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Storm in a teacup?


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erm.. how can you bring a child up in a gender neutral way. If it's a boy it will have a tinky winky and of it's a girl it wont so sooner or later the kiddie will start to realise (or is that not what you meant Obs) :oops:


Storm's a nice name though and no worse than April, May or June :wink:

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Your observation is the most obvious one Diz, but the poor confused kid will have to check out other kids tackle first! Think they don't plan to dress himm/her/it in blue or pink, or confine play to either guns or dolls - believe their older kids (boys), were encouraged to wear dresses - so I guess Baz is right. :roll:

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Ahh but by encouraging a boy to wear dresses aren't they then sending out a 'female' signal :wink: How did the older ones turn out then and did it affect them ?


Boys have it a bit tough though. When I was growing up I could wear shorts, trousers, skirts dresses.. blue or pink... whatever, it didn't matter. No-one bats an eyelid when they see a girl dressed in blue trousers... but put a boy in a pink skirt (or even pink trousers) and it's a bit 'odd'.


Same with toys.. I played with dolls, makeup, cars, guns, climbed trees and everything but a boy with a doll and a pram or other girl type toys... again seen to be a bit 'odd' (but it never did my brother any harm :lol: )


Maybe this couple do have a point and the fact that they are not going to dress the kiddie in blue or pink is no big deal.. nor is the fact that they are confining play..... to dress a boy in a dress though IS WRONG :?


Maybe I will google the whole story just incase you are leaving bit's out as usual Obs :P

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