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What a Plank


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I never had you down as being a plank-er Wolfie :shock::lol:


Renamed by the Autralians I believe. So which public places have you done it in and did you ever hurt yourself. Upload some pics.. we could start a topic purely for plankers (or is that plonkers) :lol:

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The head has to be straight and inline with the body and the arms by the side Wolfie :wink:


We took a similar one of our dog's first attempt at planking yesterday.. maybe you and her could practice together :lol:

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Go and have a lie down Peter :lol::P


I recon you'd be good at planking anyway being an oldy with stiff joints :lol:


PS I'm not sad I'm very happy today thank you and as the world didn't end on Saturday I'm glad to say that I do have a life and the best part of it is that I know how to easily get on your nerves :lol:

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I wonder why the Spaniard fell forwards, and the Guardsman fell backwards?. Is Bin Laden now a plank? All of these questions are sent to test me powers of reasoning. It what keeps me bright and alert yer know.


What a sloppy bunch the Guardsmen are. Some with a tightly clenched hand, some with a loosely clenched hand. First Guardsman on the left front row, looks like he's scratching his leg. And the bloke with the sword has forgotten to tell someone to pollish his left boot. Never in my day I say, never in my day. :wink:

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:lol::lol: nice ones Wingy and Wolfie. :wink:


The english guard has got it completely wrong though Wingy as he is not lying face down which probably explains why none of his chums are bothering to look at him :wink:


... the spaniard however has got it spot on hence a couple of glances of appreciation :lol:


As for Snoopy... wonder what every happened to him :shock:


I've seen a picture of a Wolves player and a council bod planking today but I'm not allowed to upload them 8)

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