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Barack Obama To Explore His Irish Roots


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The Queen has just left but now President Barack Obama is visiting Ireland, ahead of his state visit to the UK.


His trip to the Emerald Isle on Monday is being seen as a boost to the country amid all its economic woes, but it is also a chance for the US President to look up some family.


As well as undertaking diplomatic engagements in Dublin he is expected to travel to Moneygall in County Offaly, which prides itself as being an ancestral home of the 49-year-old.


The President's great-great-great-grandfather Falmouth Kearney was a shoemaker and lived in the rural village.


There's no doubt Americans love to have an Irish connection, and the Irish are loving this particular link-up too.


Local church records detail President Obama's family ties to Moneygall.


Records show that Mr Obama's great-great-great grandfather was born in Ireland in 1831 and left for America in 1850.


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If you own a caravan, have a liking for Guinness and small people who say "begorrah begorrah" and have a tendancy to turn up where you are not wanted; cover the place in crap and then rob everyone within a 5 mile radius before buggering off to the next town....... you obviously have some Irish roots! :lol:

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Well the good (or bad) news is Baz, due to their recession, an estimated 100,000 bog trotters have come over here "to work"! :wink:


Nothing new there Obs. When I was researching my family tree a few months ago one of the census returns for the road where one of my ancestors lived was full of people originally born in Ireland... a lot of them were women if I remember rightly but I will re-check as I can't remember if they had Irish names or were just born in Ireland.


I suppose people from here could have gone over to Ireland in the search of work etc ... had children... and then come back. Infact my gggg?-grandad married a lady who had a very Irish sounding name which could explain why I can't find any records for her... or him for that matter. Maybe HIS family was Irish too.. who knows :cry:


I do have a caravan though and my grandma used to give me guinness when I was little (full of iron apparently) :shock::D:lol:

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The song ASP posted was too long -- I gave up after 3 minutes. I do love potatoes, though. It seems to a staple food of Russians and Eastern Europe as well. And come to think of it, I run to watch the telly when the Lord of the Dance (Flatly) is doing a jig, and the pretty colleens with their red hair playing a violin melts my heart. Erin go bragh -- or something like that.

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