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Parenting Exam?


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No... but maybe time for forced sterilisation and maybe a prison sentence or better still the birch (leavig awful scars of course) in this stupid womans case.


These idiotic and self centered parents who become obsessed with kids pageants and the likes are sickening. Not only in the US but there's also many in the UK too.


I saw a programme where youngsters of the same age and even younger were put on sunbeds or given fake tans, made to wear false lashes, makeup and even padded bra's, skimpy dresses and high heels just to look the part. They weren't even allowed to play out incase they bruised or cut themselves as that would severely detract from the 'look' the stupid bloody mothers wanted for them.


To me it's just another form of child cruelty and should NOT be allowed. :evil:


A parentling course would not stop the likes of her or the many others like them Obs :cry:

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