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Your Councillors.

Peter T

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Originally posted by observer:

Local Councillors might be better employed answering their phones and sorting folks complaints out; rather than re-issuing irrelevent spin, in order to self promote. :roll:

But if they don't self promote, who will know who they are?

Maybe if they stopped fighting for the biggest slice of the cake and got out and about walking the streets, they wouldn't have to worry about self promoting.

But some Lib-Dems aren't able to do that. :roll: as can be noticed when Focus comes through the door.


I wonder if we are getting an edition before xmas, wishing us well for xmas and the New Year?

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Nah, that's what they are "supposed" to do, not what they do.


When this present system came in, the attractive selling point was that it would get cllrs out of offices/meetings and out onto the streets, fulfilling their duties.


Does this happen, or do they just put out a leaflet every once in a while saying "Look what we have done"? when it is normally the Communities that have done it, and the cllrs who get the coverage.

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No can't I wasn't on the list, I used to be put I didn't put myself forward at the time as I was still working. So everyone can breathe a sigh of relief, plus I think that I'm a bit erratic for some. :D take after Mick C.


I did however apply for the Parish Clerks job at Grappenhall, something I would have really enjoyed and I believe could have done well, especially as there are tons and tons of issues at the moment. However I haven't heard and the end of the month has come and gone as presumably have the interviews.


Did you see my Grappenhall Hall School letter of support in the WG?


[ 02.12.2007, 10:32: Message edited by: Geoff Settle ]

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Pete I sat in on last month?s council meeting.


When they asked who I was I just declared that I was an observer. I didn't want them to feel pressurised by knowing that a potential candidate was in the room with them.


Yes I did know that it was a Lib-Dem threshold (mind you can't find anything about Parish Councilor?s allegiances on the WBC web site).


I just wanted to work for the community and the job description did say that the role should not be political so I would have declared my interest outside the area and stated that it would not interfere with the job.


Hopefully they will let me know why I wasn't put forward for interview so that I can focus on gaining the skills and competencies that were missing.


Better luck next time and I?m still a red but not Manc Red. :D


[ 03.12.2007, 01:05: Message edited by: Geoff Settle ]

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