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Who are Warrington & Co ?


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Shadowy "C0" behind the Sankey Valley Park but who are they ?? They don't post minutes and seem to be intent on proposals which are not in best interests of ratepayers. Now that the Council has changes colour has Warrington & Co been declared bancrupt ?

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.......nothing shadowy about them.......


Except that they operate in quite some secrecy!

Attendance at meetings, which have been 'hosted' by Ian Marks and Bob Barr, are by invitation only and as Boris says they don't publish minutes.

On their website, there are photos of three main players but there are no personal profiles to give any indication of their backgrounds / interests in real estate etc and most of their pages don't open.


set up to promote regeneration around the town and promote Warrington nationally and internationally.


Such as the Walton Hall & Gardens and Sankey Valley 'resort' projects. These were planned to be progressed using vast sums of public money to the benefit of private enterprise.

Both of these projects were conducted in some secrecy and both somewhat 'iffy'.

If these were an example of their 'expertise' then we'd probably be better off without it!

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ditto to what Borris, Sha and fugs say.......


I just had a look and their informative and long 2011 property review document says within it :


Sankey Valley Resort

Following the adoption of an exciting design, development

and delivery strategy for a ?28 million visitor resort comprising

a number of groundbreaking attractions, development of the

first phase has now commenced with the construction of a

60 bedroom family hotel and conference facility by Gulliver?s

World. Further announcements are anticipated as various

other aspects of the strategy come forward.


Isn't that misleading to prospective investors in Warrington (ie the ones that their website and document is aimed at ) as I'm sure there isn't a 60 bedroom hotel and conference centre there... is there :?


There is also a link to search "WBC's comprehensive database of vacant industrial, office and retail premises and employment development sites"..... but we can't search it unless we register first... why not :lol:

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Yes Dizzy the hotel has planning consent but so far construction is at ground zero level. However on the pretext of Health and Safety, GW has erect barriers to prevent access along the Old Camp Road. Libdems tried to get this made a right of way but failed. Not much progress construction wise so perhaps the fact that a Travel Lodge has just opened on Gemini Retail Park has put the brakes on their plans ?


Warrington & Co could do with an injection of Glasnost if they are not to be seen as in the thrall of developers with only an eye on their bottom line. They might also be able to explain how a study covering the whole of Sankey Valley from, Halton to the M62, by Royal Haskoning ( Appendix C of the SVP Regeneration Project) to which less than half of the ?stakeholders? responded has morphed into the ?Sankey Valley Park Master Plan?.

The Study, among other Blue Sky ideas, suggests making the Sankey Canal open to navigation by rewetting the dried out sections to link with the canal in St Helens which does contain water. One wonders how you would negotiate Sankey Way, let alone the M62 !


Some one at the top of the WBC tree needs to have a hard look at the competence of Warrington & Co.

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