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Interesting docu-drama the other night, about the sequence of events which caused the demise of the Minoan civilization around 1650BC. The volcano at the Greek Island of Santorini kicked off, with the power of over a thousand Hiroshima bombs, wiping out the Islanders and causing a tsunami that killed 30,000 folk on the Island of Crete. The effect of the dust cloud caused crop damage as far as Britain. It's believed that this event gave rise to the Atlantis myth. :?

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I watched this also and found it enjoyable and informative.

If you are at all interested in the Atlantis legend, try and find a novel called (believe it or not!) Atlantis, by David Gibbins, a marine archeaologist who knows his stuff. Although set in modern times, it involves a fictional discovery of "Atlantis" in pretty much the same areas as the TV programme did and explains a great deal about the research that has led to the belief that the Minoans were, in fact, the "Atlanteans" referred to by Plato. Running alongside this historical stuff is a racy modern day tale of Eastern European terrorists, wrecked Russian nuclear submarines, etc with almost a touch of James Bond thrown in.

I found it a very good read - and its available in paperback if not through the library!

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