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How many active members?


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As we will soon be launching a new forum I am interested to know how many active members (e.g you post on here at least once a month) there are on here.

I realise a few only pop in every now and again - but I am just seeing whether it is worth importing the existing database of members into the new system - or making things simple and just getting you all to register again. :twisted:

Please post below confirming you are still active!

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I'm semi active today :D


If we have to re-register then how will I know when I'm upto 10,000th post to get my certificate of achievement :shock::lol:


BazJ.... go to your profile and take the 'J' of your username... simples :wink:


Gary would it will look funny if you don't import the existing database and make us all re-register from scratch as your new forum could then just show us lot as members... I recon about 30 tops at the moment :oops::lol: Kidding of course :P

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No response from Kije...... I wonder if the fuzzy wuzzys in Goa have captured him and sold him into slavery!! :lol:


Might as well delete his account Gary!!


Kije never existed he was a figment of our imagination.


The Story of Lt. Kije


Lt. Kij? is the story of an imaginary soldier, created when the Russian Tsar Paul I misread a smudged name on a list of his enlisted men. Everyone around the Tsar was too afraid to tell him there was no such person, so they just invented an entire life for the nonextistent Kij?. He gets married and become a hero -- all on paper. When the Tsar finally demands to meet Kij?, the military holds his funeral.


The story was made into a Russian film in 1934 with music by Prokofiev. English language subtitles available: Note: no sound at all (except static) during the credits. The sound starts after they are done. Based on a novella by Yuri Tynyanov, who also wrote the screenplay, the film tells an apocryphal tale about Tsar Paul I and a certain lieutenant whose entire existence is due to a copying error by an army scribe. Imaginative directing and writing, outstanding comic acting. Primitive sound. Prokofiev reworked his music into the Lieutenant Kij? Suite, which is much better known (outside Russia, at least) than this long-unavailable film.

Link :


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Young people! Young people ! they should be horse whipped three times a day and sent on route marches with a starvation diet. never did me any harm :lol::lol::lol::lol:


What do you mean "should be"? You mean this doesn't go on already? Why this is terrible news..... bloody kids; never had it so good!

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