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Bennett's Recreation ground


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After months of interviews and paper work the Council is finally holding a meeting on the land tonight. The council and the local public are trying to get the paths recorded officially on maps as public rights of way.


If the plan passes tonight the restricted access will have to be removed and the public once again allowed to walk through. However, the land is barely recognisable from what it was in May when the land first got cut off and I fear too much damage has already been done.


The land owner has apparently said that the local public are lying and have not been walking on there for 20 years or more.


I can't attend tonight as I am away with work but I know people who are going so they will keep me in the loop.


I guess we will see what happens tonight but I hope it does not drag out and the local people get the decision. However, I am cautiously optimistic.

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Good news. The meeting at the town hall last night went in favour of the local population and the land was ordered to be re-opened up. All 3 footpaths are now going to be recognised and the area will re-main a public right of way. :mrgreen:


There was no time limit set on when it has to be re-opened so I am not holding my breath.


I'm sure there will be some kind of backlash from the land owner so I fear that this issue surrounding this land is far from over.


Let’s see what the expected retaliation will bring. :rolleyes:

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I have seen on the other website last week that the paths will be recorded as such on the 2nd February as long as there are no objections. If an objection is made then it has to go to the Secretary of State for a decision.


Hopefully 2nd February will be the end of the matter. Any objections are just surely delaying the inevitable?


I have also seen the signs all around the site saying the same as the other paper.


Just watch this space now to see what plans are put in for the site. :rolleyes: Just a big game.

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I would imagine that actually owning the land would give you the authority to object and a pretty good reason, rather than 'objecting for objections sake', against a new and enforcable status of a 'Public Right Of Way' which until now had never actually existed (as it didn;t need to).


I'm not sure but I think that a Public R.O.W. only has to be wide enough to allow two people to comfortably pass each other anyway.


Anyway if it was my land (and I was an uncaring awkward bugger) I'd probably object and I would also try to get others to object too especially some local residents.. (although obviously I do not have any real 'influence' over people and nothing to offer them in return except for my sincere thanks) :unsure:

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