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- unless of course, they up the Council Tax! :wink:


Which they should do, but have been told not to by Gov. :roll:


It's not rocket science.

Income ?100, outgoings ?125.

As well as a bit of pruning, the income needs to go up. :roll:

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Peter, "living within your means" is a bit of a rash statement.......


what happens when your means stay the same but the outgoings continue to rise.... circumstances beyond your control springs to mind?


Just take fuel as an example.... if you need a car to commute your outgoings will have risen by at least 30% in the past two years alone. Have wages increased by the same amount?

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"Living within your means"

Some of you think you have it tough now, wait until your only source of income is the state pension with your earning potential as nil, and there are many who are in this predicament. Not everyone who are now at pensionable age receive good company pensions, eg. take those that retired from the Manchester Ship Canal Company who gave a working lifes service they receive a pittance. In 1987 Peel Holdings bought the company and never gave a jot about the workforce using the pension fund to help build the Trafford Centre (allegedly).:(

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Just a general comment. There is always different circumstances and some are always hit more than others. I was thinking of the couples who have designer children that they dump in a nursery so that they can get back to work ASAP to earn the money to support an extravagant life style, ie fancy house, car and numerous holidays, not forgetting the dining out.

Then when it hits the fan, they can't handle it because they want everything "now". No saving up for a washing machine or even getting second hand.

As for the car to get to work, is it essential? I used to cycle to Halewood to work at Fords many years ago, in ALL weathers. And that was from Appleton Thorn area.

Where's there's a will, there's a way.

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There's lots of stuff being done in our name - and at our expense - which none of us either need or want.


cycle lanes (which even cyclists don't use), Traffic lights (which even cyclists don't use), 20mph limits (which even cyclists don't use) and skittles! :lol:

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