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April Flowers


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I just googled for images of 'Hydrangeas' and thought I'd found one which looked similar on a flower webiste.


I clicked on the link then all warnings of 'adult content' flashed everywhere.... oooh I've never closed down my internet so quickly so I'll leave it to you two to find out :oops::lol:

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Both look similar to Algy's picture and my hayfever seems to have got a lot worse since looking at the pics :lol:


What time of the year do hydrangeas flower ? Maybe they are flowering ealier due to the mild weather (I know nothing about flowers and gardening either :oops: )


Algy... can you go back and ask the gardener please or shall we just name it the 'popcorn plant'


Good one to tease kids with though ie tell them popcorn grows on flowers :wink:

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I don't know what plant it is but I can see its been given quite a dark vignette in post processing :D

So Sorrrrry! until PJ mentioned the above I hadn't realised I had uploaded the wrong image, I had been messing about and placed the retouched photo, here is the original :oops:

I think the shrub is:-

Renaissance Spiraea (Spiraea x vanhouttei 'Renaissance).



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