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Bizare moment of the day

Geoffrey Settle

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How bizarre... I missed a news story :shock::lol:


I don't know if this is bizarre or just stupid... but when asked the local corner shop said they did sell hayfever tablets so I asked for a pack. I had a choice of piriton (dont really work for me) or 'the other one'.


I opted for the other one.... a name that sounded familial in a way.


So glad I read the packet.. they were actually senocot... a natural laxative :lol: I've got enough trouble with my nose running without anything else running too thanks :lol:


Geoff going back to your huskies and the man harnessed to them.... maybe it's some form of crime punishment as I bet not many would be able to keep up with a huskie either in speed or strength. Hope they didn't run any red traffic lights etc :wink:


Bet it was great to see though as they are wonderful dogs... rather wolf like which is probably why I like them so much.

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How fast Geoff... I'm intrigued now.


Were they on the pavement and why didn't you take a photo with your blackberry thingy to share with us :wink


Maybe we need husky lanes as well as cycle lanes or maybe it was the 'opposition' out to rid you of your seat... very odd things start to happen at election time you know :wink:

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Bizarre moment- a skateboarder in all black crossed my path this morning,( in the dark and going 50mph) I was very close to hitting him.

Stupid of him to have on all black - I caught sight of a bit of white down by the ground - side of his shoe apparently! Scared the crap out of me at 5:30am!! :shock: :shock:

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