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Quins crowd last night

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How can they get away with 1,957 at a game and still justify being in super league??? There isnt a club within 3 hours drive, its one of the most densly populated areas in the country.

Widnes got nearly double that for their midweek game against Toulouse.

It just amazes me how they are continually allowed to get away with going bust every few years and with absolutely no sign of crowds improving, in fact they are deteriorating.

They are a total embarasment to our proud game.

Unbelievable !!!

End of rant :x

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Personally I think the RFL are wasting there time with the South and the crowd figures show it week in week out, when Quins started to show improvement at the beginning of the season I decided to give them one more chance as with successful performances sometimes come good crowds but it just didn't happen and now there back to square one.


Not only are the crowd figures the lowest in probably the top 2 leagues it cost's the away supporters a fortune in petrol to travel with there club and for a family of four your looking at well over ?100 including tickets it just isn't viable.


I'd kick them out the league ASAP if I had my way but unfortunately I think the RFL will stick with a club in the South for longer than they deserve.

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