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Excavating the MSC between Wilderspool & Stockton Heath


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This a photo of the beginning of the excavation of the length of canal between Wilderspool & stockton Heath, when completed the landscape will have changed beyond recognition, the following picture ( a blown up & cropped version of this photo) illustrates the various landmarks identifyable to the area.


If this picture is enlarged, centre picture, a line of large diameter pipes may be seen, at the top end (right) of the pipes there is a white canal bridge this is "Twenty Steps" bridge over the Runcorn & Latchford (Old Quay) Canal this would eventually become "Twenty Steps" Lock under the new Northwich Road swing bridge, the houses to the immediate left are "Wilderspool Terrace" continueing to the left are the roof and chimney's of Greenall's Brewery. In the foreground are "Leigh Villas" (advertising on the end wall), to the right and behind the vertical pole can just be seen the whitewashed brickwork of "Tom Paine's" bridge. Moving across to the far right of the picture is the tower of St. Thomas's Church with "Church Cottages" to its left. Behind the grass bank to the right that the man is sat on will become Ellesmere Road

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