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It appears that the Internal Investigation/Audit has now been completed.


For anyone who may be interested the TWO REPORTS can be found here (when I say found ..you can only find them if you figure out where to look (that's rather ironic eh :) )


Click the link then click on Agenda Items 6 and 6A - Planning Investigation




Also quite a few comments made under the latest news story which make interesting reading where Cllr Barr calls for an independant public inquiry ..



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From the amount of comments on the 3 news page articles it's pretty obvious that there's more than a few people really interested / concerned about this issue. One would have thought that the comments would have been transferred to the forum by now! No news on the latest council meeting either!

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You are right no news from the Thrusday's meeting.. that's odd unless it was cancelled or deferred.


Anyway SHA I dont think that news comments can be transferred to here as such but nothing stopping all those who have taken the time to comment under the news item to actually resigter on the forum pages and either comment under this topic or start their own new thread.


No personal details are needed to register and join the forum and it's just the same as posting inder the news item with a comment but the forums a better place for debate and chat, more people get involved as it stays in view longer and as such more more people read it... :wink:


In the mean time I'll just add the latest news report direct link on here which contains many coments like you say. (you could have done that yourself though) :wink:


see more here


External plans probe pledged and recent comments



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People are generally apathetic over what goes on in local government but the various 'goings on' in this town over the last few years has seemed to incline people more to action than apathy. This latest scandal would be hard to brush under the carpet. Without a full investigation confidence in the integrity of the council and it's officers will not be restored. Not sure an investigation "the scope and terms of reference" of which will be defined by the council's own Audit and Governance Committee will satisfy the public though!

I am of the same opinion as Peter - they should call in the Fraud Squad and get it sorted!

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I understand the Public Inquiry Inspector's report into the Council's destruction of pre 1996 Planning Records has been published and discussed by the Council last evening - anyone seen the report or heard the Council's views yet ?? I know the Inspector was not best pleased that the now retired Council Planning officers responsible would not cooperate in the Inquiry and under their terms of contract could not be made to do so.

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One lesson worth learning is for the council to ensure both now and in the future that all those employed in high decision making posts who are so called 'highly trained' and 'qualified' in their field such as senior officers and above all know the LAW when it comes to thir jobs.


And like the inspector pointed out maybe changes need to be made which mean people who have retired from, or left their employment with, the coucil can still be held accountable and questioned over such gross levels of incompetence.


John Earle and Alan Stephenson didn't even bother turning up to put their side forward or to be questioned further despite being 'invited' and contacted by the inspector and as they are no longer employed by the council there was nothing he could do as he had no power to make them attend or answer.


I've not read it fully yet but he didn't seem too impressed with their attitude and lack of help, one even had the cheak to say he wanted no further contact :roll::roll:

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Seems that most google searches are now giving the same error IF they relate to and/or return a council document. I just tried '20mph warrington' and other stuff and they all go to the councils website and give the same error :angry::unsure:




Time for a new topic I think.....


So back to Planning and the destruction of records and the inspectors findings (or lack of findings)on this one :wink:

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