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Very poor performance.

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So than today for me we were terrible, shocking, disgraceful and all the rest but what disappointed me the most was our inability to keep the ball and complete a set.


Hull done nothing special today, 5 tackles and a good kick but that's all that was needed to beat us they just capitalised on our poor performance... how can a team that's scored 120 plus points in the last two games lead 10-0 after 15 mins and not not only lose but conceded 24 unanswered points.


Are we actually really that good ???? What has happened to our early season defence ??? what has happened to our ball handling and composure ??? Have we just been found out by teams ???


As I've said on another thread in the last four games against better than average teams we've faltered.

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My thoughts on Easter;


Salford...all very good although I would have played King in this and not against Hull.


Hull...we were poor, what the hell Clarke was doing playing at all is beyond me. Louis Anderson was unbelievably poor, to me he looks like his mind is elsewhere. Only players worth their salt today were Westwood and Harrison. Wood, Morley, Carvell and Solomona were completely owned by the Hull pack and offered very little.

Thought Fitzgibbon was immense for the Hull effort.


Matty Blythe was ineffective and the backs as a whole were poor.


I no longer class us as title/GF contenders...we look shot already.


Have a nice time at bradford kids, im off on holiday :lol:

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The most inept performance I've seen from the Wire in a good few years. The only players who you could say have half decent games were Westwood for his usual 100% efforts and Hodgson for his uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time. All the rest couldn't do anything right. I was especially disappointed with Rhys Williams when the Hull winger broke away for his try from an Atkins fumble. Williams took six paces in an effort to catch him and then just gave up and jogged the rest of the way. Considering he's supposed to be the fastest player at the club it was a very poor effort and I hope the coach has told him so in no uncertain terms. He's not worth the shirt if that's going to be his attitude. Yes, I know we still are second in the league but we're losing games we are expected to win. The old problem is creeping back into the Wire game and that's the defensive line moving up too slowly. We allow the opposition to get into a gallop when they have the ball yet when we have the ball their defensive line is in our faces straight away. Perhaps a short chip and chase over the top would help nullify this but that's terribly old fashioned in the modern game of biff bash isn't it ?

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