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Yobs in Council?


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Does anyone find it ironic that at the meeting when the borough council reveals its 10-point plan to drive the yobs from the streets, members of the council themselves descended to the level of yobs in their debate.

"Ignorant pigs"..."Telling lies"....surely not the language of articulate councillors?

No wonder the Mayor had to intervene!

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Doesn't the blurb that comes with the list say something about verbal abuse towards others?


Those bloody councillors, always hanging round on street corners, drinking cider, getting girls pregnant.


It makes me want to write a list dictating how councillors should behave.......

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No Geoff , Its wasnt you . This time :wink: .


It was one of your political mates and if ya missed the slanging match you must have been away with the fairies !

I found it very embarassing as member of the general public to have to sit and listen to insults and drivel from people who think they represent the public !

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Okay thanks for the feedback I was starting to feel a bit para-thingy. I have read the booklet and do try to keep to the code of conduct - honest.

I can and will only comment on my own behaviour and stand and fall by my actions and my actions alone.

I'm more of a thinker and palnner and hopefully last mondays meeting on 'What is the Parish Plan - and do we need one' was constructive - I didn't need to say much as there where much better contributions being made from the group than I could have made.

I think that we were all largely in agreement on the way forward.

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