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Depends on what the food is Obs..... things like salad, fruit, bread, cheese, milk and other 'obviouses' (is that a word?) for example I will use after the use by date as it's easy to tell if it is still edible or gone off.


Meat.... well I will sometimes go a a day or two over if it still looks and smells ok.


Things like yoghurts, only about a day over day over then they get thrown.


I must admit though we waste an awful lot of food in our house as despite what I said above most things finish up going well over the dates :oops:


Just done my fridge and have thrown a whole pack of actimel yoghurt drinks, two normal youghurts, pack of sausages, an opened pack of bacon that looked a bit iffy, some strawberries that were only bought on Saturday but are going mouldy :evil:, some rather floppy celery, 4 eggs and a pint of milk.


If that's not bad enough I also filled two carrier bags with tinned foods and packets from the 'store cupboard' which had gone way past their use by date a few weeks ago :oops:


Must remember to bring older tins to the front and put new ones at the back in future :lol:


Not good at all.... and from now on I will refrain from food shopping until every little morsel in the cupboards and fridge have been eaten :wink:


My dads neighbours ignore use by dates completely though and just eat it anyway are never ill.. I think they are both vegetarians though :?

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You're probably right there obs as our actimels were 2 for 1 and we obviously didn't need 2 so it wasn't really a good bargain was it :oops:


Just thrown away 3 bananas, 4 clementines (which were in a 50% extra free) bag and a yellow pepper too :shock:


Why do fruits and vegies not seem to last very long these days by the way whereas cheese which used to go mouldy fairly quickly when I was a kid now seems to last forever :twisted:


There are people starving in the world and I'm buying food and throwing it away as we didn't really need it :cry::cry::cry:

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In my opinion most sell/use by dates are there to panic users to throw perfectly good items away and replace them off the supermarket shelves resulting in increased sales/profits for those supermarkets. I realise the younger element must be sick and tired of us 'wrinklies' wittering on about the old days, but our mothers and some of our wives had little to store food in other than a cool cupboard with a wooden cabinet having a door with a zinc perforated front (to keep the flies out) to keep meat in, the women used their nose and eyes and taste to tell them if food was good enough to consume, plus if it was during and just after the war we were lucky if you had meat to eat, the waste of food nowadays is completely unnecessary and immoral.

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Undoubtedly a lot less flies nowadays. Every house had a fly paper, often not changed for weeks. Someone always went round with a rolled up newspaper for swatting the little devils. No DDT or anything like that. Much less soap and cleaning fluids. Outside toilets with collections once a week. Dog dirt abounded.


But still - happy days(just)

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I trust my nose and eyes whilst noting sell by dates: not had any food poisony-type related incidents in donkeys.


We've made good progress in reducing what we throw away, but there's usually something which ends up in the compost bin or the chickens.


There's not much left for the flies.

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More flies then, as nearly every terraced house had outside bin toilets down the back yard (we did in Latchford) so imagine on a hot summers day the flies would hold meetings down the yard then visit the house to see what food was about or paddle about in your glass of pop or milk etc. :wink:

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