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AV poll - AV or Not AV that is the question

Geoffrey Settle

Will you be voting for AV  

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  1. 1. Will you be voting for AV

    • NO - First past the post is the best
    • I haven't decided yet
    • Stuff it I'm not taking part
    • I think that it's all too confusing
    • NO - I don't like the current system but it's better than AV
    • YES - It will give us a better & fairer system

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AV+ is better than whats being offered. It will stop this rediculous situation where the Democratic unionist party with 168,216 votes gets 8 MP's whereas UKIP gets 919,546 votes and gets no MP's! (2 extreme examples)


Since its only FPTP or AV being offered im leaning towards FPTP, simply because AV will confuse alot of the electorate, it will be very expensive to implement, only 3 countries in the world use it (which says alot about it), and its bound to form constant coalition governments.

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Dont think that AV is the answer, doesnt allow enough scope for anyone but the three centreist parties to win a seat. For those people that think there is an alternative to centre politics they will always be marginalised into obscurity and forced into voting for the centre party that they dislike the least ortherwise there vote would be worthless and wasted. Only full proportional representation gives a true representation of the countries mixed views. Fairness is a word that doesnt come into politics, more like turkeys not voting for christmas is the case. Not that it matters but Mr Mowatt would not be the MP for Warrington South if we had operated an AV system in the last election but might of been an MP under proportional representation. I'm sure his lap dog style politics would have got him a place high enough on the tory candidate list to capture a seat.

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Not that it matters but Mr Mowatt would not be the MP for Warrington South if we had operated an AV system in the last election


Prove it. Have you asked the 15094 who voted for Crotty where their second choice vote would have gone?


fair point, i like you could not be 100% certain which way it would have gone unless we'd have used AV. The reasoning behind my assumption is that the Tory and labour vote has a solid base of die hard support whatever the circumstances, but the Lib dem vote is often used as a protest vote by traditional supporters of the other two parties. in my experience traditional supporters are prepared to go to lib dem because it is seen as a half way house but they wouldnt be prepared to jump ship completely. Labour took a kicking but i would reckon that there vote went to the lib dems with the increase in the tory vote coming from traditional tory voters who had voted for the lib dems in 2005. Maybe my reasoning is wrong, but i suppose thats up to you to convince me otherwise.

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I don't need to convince you otherwise, I asked you to prove that Mowatt wouldn't be MP with AV and you can't.

Just as Camoron can't prove Brown would have got in under AV, it doesn't stop him claiming so now does it , and thats one of their less dishonest claims it seems.

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