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to save dizz the trouble

Evil Sid

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Get a Life?


I?ve chatted to the whole wide world

I?ve joined in many games

Took part in quizzes, seldom won

And looked up a few old flames


I?ve told my tale on facebook

And twittered for bit

And now I am a mod on here

And at my screen I sit.


I try my best to keep the peace

And often have stay till late

Trying to make sense of posts

I like it though it?s great


I?ve played with settings of Pictures taken

Settled arguments of the mistaken

Hold down a job, have kids, and strife

But sit here daily and play nice


And when I?m told by quite a few

To get a life well I?ll tell you

I don?t need one

I?m living two


Copyright evilsid 2011

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Cheers Evils... and I like :D


Not sure if it's meant as a compliment or a dig at me though :lol::P


Just incase my other half ever reads it though .....I've never ever twittered, told my tale on FB or looked up old flames though :shock::lol:

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