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Great win or poor opposition?


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Warrington Wolves crushed the Crusaders tonight



Should we really be losing a club with Wakefield's pedigree and history in favour of these Welsh nomads who have already been in administration and not really got much hope for the future?

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Very poor opposition but some good long range tries scored from the Wire. The watershed came when the Crusaders went 18-6 down and they obviously just surrendered. I too believe they shouldn't be in Superlague. they are there under false pretences. The reason they were created was to gain a presence in south Wales, the intention was never for them to operate more or less in the heartland. As to the other experiment, surely the penny must have dropped that after over thirty years of trying that RL won't ever take off in London. The cockneys brought around 20 fans to the HJ a couple of weeks ago which costs Warrington RLFC around 40+ grand every time we play them. I also disagree with the other poster that the likes of Castleford and Wakefield should be excluded from Superleague and perhaps more cubs should go the same way. What does he want ? A league consisting of just Wire Saints Wigan and Leeds and play one another 4 times per season? Can't think of anything more boring and I for one wouldn't attend. I'd just pack it in. Don't forget Huddersfield were once in dire straits...They are presently top of the league.

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Catalans seem to be nicely embedded now. I agree with the general thrust of the thread, but playing devils advocate, rugby league is still viewed by many as an Eddie Waring up and under northern game.


It will never change until other outposts are fully incorporated. If rugby union is allowed further ascendancy by default, more and more players will be poached.


Nothing ventured ------


Happy days

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Poor opposition


They gave there all for twenty minuets but when we stepped it up a gear they couldn't cope, fast play the balls from us led to shocking defending by them along with penalties (more penalties should have been given) and they just fell apart.


There good enough to give teams like Salford a run for there money but all in all there not good enough for SL and before a ball was kicked this year every team would have expected an easy game against Celtic, no disrespect intended but I'm right. Not a bad little following from there fans on a Friday night and I've got to say there fans love there rugby and show it great respect but for me the team and club just isn't big enough.


To answer the original question from Gary I'd still keep Celtic over Wakefield, good grounds are a big thing for supporters/television and the RFL these days and I'm sorry Belle Vue (or whatever it's called now) just isn't good enough and supporters are put off going that match every year not to mention the ?20 price tag.

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