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God's art in a garden

harry hayes

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Fifty years I've had my garden,

God had left it in a mess!

So I took him as a partner,

To reclaim our wilderness.


With three small trees I laboured,

As the Lord doesn't own a spade;

His ways are more mysterious,

Yet openly displayed.


Four decades on - fully grown,

Likewise as with men;

Now planning for the shorter term,

Was I so different then?


Line the path with scented shrubs,

The garden your delight;

'Pottering' - a daily medicine,

Tranquiliser for the night.


Fragrance; a tree; comfy seat,

Birds twitter in my ear;

That which was once mysterious,

Is suddenly crystal clear.


Too soon it became perennials,

But to divide them is a pain;

It's not so much 'down to earth',

More the getting up again.


Ashes to ashes; dust to dust,

Annuals it has to be;

A joy to see them flowering,

Ere plants look down on me.


As I'm fond of happy endings,

Perhaps I'd best explain;

This poem was written five years ago -

We're planting shrubs again!



Harry Hayes 3/11

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Superb yet again.


I really love your poems Harry as they have such a lot of personal feelings, memories, meanings and truth in them that a lot of people can relate to ... even those of us who are not quite as ripe (if you see what I mean and I hope you don't take offence at that EEK :oops:)


In another 20 years when I'm retired etc I'll probably be looking back and writing poems about blummin' computers, websites and the like... just doesn't have quite the same ring to it eh


Keep yours coming.. they are great :D:wink:

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Yes, it is worthy of best loved poems collections. Top drawer.


My daughter in law drove down to So. Calif. last week to study 'gardens' at several tourist destinations here -- the Huntington Gardens (and Library), Descanso Gardens, Native California Plants gardens, etc. We have many fine Asian Gardens. But when the subject 'gardens' comes up I think first of English gardens, and the tourist gardens in Victoria, British Columbia, and the hanging flower pots on the streets of Vancouver. She is giving up her career at Apple Computers to become a landscape architect. A brother-in-law of mine, an investment broker, still speaks fondly of his earliest work as a landscaper. What were Adam and Eve, if not gardeners?

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