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advice needed


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1st, sorry about the long post !


Got a concerned phonecall from my HR dept. this morning saying that my tax code had been changed dramatically for my PAYE.


I have phoned HMRC who have stated i owe the ?526.6 for that tax year ( '09~'10 ) as my earnings before tax were wrongly calculated and i had earned ?28950 ( after deductions ) that tax year


i have never earned such a high wage in my life. So i further enquired how they came to that assumption, as i had my P60 in front of me, which was of a far lower amount !


Thier reply was that the over payment amount is based on another job i had during that tax year ... Im a full ime employee here, where i have worked for nrly 14.5 years and a full time mum ??


I explaned this to them, then asked which company was claiming i had worked for them ? They refuse to tell me by phone, and will write it down, which will take 2 weeks to reach me !! I can dispute the fact i have never worked there which would then take another 8 weeks to process all of which i am losing money i cant afford to !!


So am i a victim of identity theft ? a very inconvenient fudge up ? What can i do ? as at this rate, im no longer going to be able to pay child care / petrol and no longer going to be able to work


I know nothing about taxes... but my tax code has jumped from 747L to 484L.. because someone has been earning money 2/3 years ago using my NI number


Any advice would be welcome as im stressing out o.O

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Tell HMRC that you have had no other employment in the period they're talking about and as such you will be disputing their assessment and their coding for you.


Ask them to put such a radical change to your tax code on hold pending the results of their full enquiry, they should have no problem in doing this.

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Did you get a letter from HMRC informing you of a change of tax code as they have to inform you if they change your tax code so that you can query it if you think it is wrong.


Many years back I had a letter from the tax people saying that I had not been paying any national insurance for a period of twelve months previous. I was in a similar working pattern having worked for the same company at the time for eight years. After getting a letter an an copy of the proof from my employers I went down to the local tax office with it and was eventually told that it was a glitch on their system.


Maybe your employer can do something similar for you covering the period that they claim you were doing another job to help you sort it out. I would also ask that when they have sorted it out when you will receive any overpayment back. Going down and talking to somebody face to face is always preferable to talking to a voice on the other end of the phone.


Hope things are resolved for you sooner rather than later.

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Thanks guys... Sorry for posting in the wrong area !!


I have phoned HMRC and asked them to hold the tax change, but refused on the grounds i had to prove i wasn't working for this second company. And from the letter i have just recieved, it seems i still may be on thier books !! yet i have never heard of them !!?




I googled the name, and only came up with 2 hits !! Ireland and London =S Niether of wich seem to have phone numbers so i can phone and scream blue murder at them GRRR


Why do i have to prove that i wasn't working for this company ?? A company i have never heard of =( And in the mean time HMRC is stealing my money which i work hard for ?

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Surely your HR department can help with this? They should be able to deal directly with HMRC to prove your working hours in the years you have been with them and your tax code for those years. If all this doesn't work get legal advice and as soon as you can. It does sound like an identity problem so you will need help to prove you couldn't have been working where they say you were.

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As the company you have named is a Limited Company then they will be registered with Companies House and the details held will have a registered office and also directors particulars and other info etc.


It may be worth you giving companies house a ring and explaining your problem as they can check their fuller details for the company and also they could check to see if that is an umbrella company with other other companies trading from under it but in their own name or vice versa if you see what I mean.


Also HMRC themselves should have the contact details for the company (P B CONTRACTS LTD ) who you have allegidely worked for as any company who pays employees tax/ni etc have to be registered to do so.


I can't understand why HMRC are being so very unhelpful to you are they are usually pretty good... well sort of.


Just a thought but are you a staff worker or a contractor in your current job? Have you ever worked as a contractor or through an agency or ever signed upto one ? It's just the word 'contracts' in the company name that made me wonder...


Has the company you work for company ever changed hands or been renamed?


and definately follow SilverLady's advice of getting your HR/Payroll department to help you.


Sounds daft but if you are completely 100% sure that you have never worked anywhere else then check your home insurance policy too as ours includes 'legal cover' which does actually cover personal eventualities such as the one you are facing.

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Hi Dizzy... Apart from 6 months of bar work when i was 18 ive only ever had this job, full time employed not contract.


started here at 16 as an apprentice in 1997 and will probably be here when i hit retirement lol


I work for a large Japanese company, the name has never changed ( YKK ) though i transferred from YKK UK in 1994 to YKK Europe ( all under the same roof ) Our HR has been very helpfull, and will stand by me if i need to take things further with HMRC.


Ive sent a letter of appeal today ( recorded next day delivery ), which i hope to claim back once this mess is sorted !! It's just i cant afford the ????'s im going to lose from the next 3 months wages =S

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