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What have you just found out today?

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Apple iphones keep tabs on where you are.


It's okay because it's in the contract that people have signed


'The Big Apple is watching you'..... :shock:


That is OK as long as they want to find out where you are before about 5pm....... because that is about how long my iphone battery lasts for on a full charge before it runs out!

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I found out today that Dorothy Parker, the writer and humourist, was given two alligators as a gift and put them in the bath until decided what to do with them. She then went to work.

When she returned she found a letter of resignation from her cleaning lady which said: "I cannot work in a house with alligators. I would have mentioned it before but I did not think it would ever arise."

I reckon that is as funny as anything Dorothy Parker every wrote.

I found it out today from an ancient Readers Digest at the barber shop.

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If your mobile phone is switched on it can be traced as it sends a signal to the nearest phone masts. By comparing the strength of the signal from three phone masts it can be traced accurately to about a metre square using triangulation.


Or maybe it is if the phone is in use. (must pay more attention next time I watch CSI) :roll:

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You mean my phone is a stoolie. It will be sleeping with the fishes before the day is through. 8)8):lol::lol:


If they are trying to trace you and have your phone number they can access the phone records for that number and if the number is in use then they can then trace it from the signal.(due to the whooly nature of my brain ta present all information given is subject to verification by an independent sauce/source/person who knows better) :oops::oops:

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