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Soldiers Grave


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I couldn't believe my eyes when I read the news about a Soldiers grave being subject to theft and vandalism.


I have never met this brave soldier before and dont know any of his friends or family. However, I can say that he has my upmost respect. He paid the ultimate price for serving queen and country and protecting some of the idiots that live in it. The very least he deserves is everyones respect.


The brainless idiots who have committed this petty but extremely hurtful crime need to be caught and publically flogged.


The time has come for these absolute scum bags and others like them to be taught a real lesson and a public flogging should inflict enough pain and shame for them to think twice about committing such crimes again.


No doubt though if the offenders do ever get caught or even own up then they will be treated to some rehabilitation at the tax payers expense. Rehab in this country only extends to foreign holidays and day trips for the offenders!!

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I was shocked and really upset to read that someone could do such a despicable thing. Lowest of the low is an understatement.


The items they took are irreplacable and were a mark of love and respect to the brave young hero from his family, friends and colleagues.


Respect is something that the people who have done this will never ever earn in their whole lifetime nor will they ever deserve.


I completely agree with all the other sentiments put on here too.


R.I.P. brave young hero.

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I would like to make a few suggestions about these (cannot think of a suitable description that would be accepted on this or any other forum for that matter). I will not do so as I am too incensed and do not want to be banned or arrested for my views.


All I will say is that the suggestions made here are too lenient by half.

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I assume someone has approached the authorities about this because it wouldn?t surprise me to find that some jobsworth there has had them removed.


For all we know, the items left there could even have been classed as litter and the small crosses deemed a health risk to children.


We've seen exactly this sort of thing before in Warrington and all done under the health and saftey banner.



Just a thought!



Bill :)

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And maybe a good one Bill. in our church garden and at home I line the wall base with plants and wires for support. The corporation on many occasions dug them out, or on other occasions sprayed them with weed-killer.


Hope there is an innocent explanation for the thrust of the topic.


Happy days

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No disrespect meant here at all Harry but plants and wires on a house/church garden wall are not quite the same. :oops:


From the description Bill/Harry I very much doubt that anyone could have surely mistaken the items taken from this young mans grave as being 'litter' and surely the police would have already enquired about this very remote possibility :?


The items taken were three large poppy wreaths, more than 20 miniature crosses all inscribed with personal messages from his friends, family and comrades and also two large, mahogany crosses?? all irreplaceable. :cry:


They were apparently removed between 6pm Saturday night and lunchtime Sunday so not a normal working time for the jobsworths you mention although I do realise what you are both possibly saying.


'If' by any remote chance you are right though and they have been removed by such a person then in my opinion they too fall into the exact same category as those mentioned before for all the distress it has caused his family and friends.


Evil Sid ....... no words were needed as we have probably all thought and said out loud the exact same things ourselves.

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I'll chance swimming against the current on this one: whilst agreeing with the sentiments concerning the desicrators - I'm wondering how/why graves nowadays are allowed to become shrines, with all sorts of nonesensical items (toys. teddy bears etc) cluttered around them? When abroad, I always make it my buisiness to visit our war cemetaries, which are beautifully maintained, with straight neat rows of simple headstones to the memory of our fallen, something not possible where supersticious clutter is allowed. :shock:

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War graves are a different kettle of fish Obs. The foreign types are just as mad as the Brits for putting the shrines and crosses everywhere.... I remember driving up the mountain in Teneriffe in 1989 and the number of little shrines where some poor chap had driven off the edge of the cliff was incredible!


War Graves are administered by the War Graves Commission not local councils!

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I agree with observer, graves should be simple and free of clutter.


In this case it is not clear whether they are the rules of the cemetary in question. If the rules were clear that all graves should be free of 'clutter' then crimes like this would not occur and people would not get their feelings hurt.


This is not an excuse for the mindless tits who did this but just a suggestion of a way forward.

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