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Does our Home Stand Deserve a name?


Does our Home Stand deserve a name?  

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  1. 1. Does our Home Stand deserve a name?

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I believe this is a great idea and will certainly boost the clubs profile by having 'Roger Hunt Stand' published and visible for all to see.


Also I am sure Gary has been trying hard to find businesses to sponsor the ground/stands but money is tight so maybe if all legal proceedings and the correct paths are followed then my vote goes for 'Roger Hunt Stand'

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If 'Sir Roger' is not keen on it, hows about naming it after club president Eric Shaw, who has been with the club for many years and is well respected by everyone from fans to ex players or even after our friend Ivan Thomasson, who loved our club and sadly passed away just over a year ago from cancer at the age of 46

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I quite like the Eric Shaw Stand. The Roger Hunt stand would be a good for the Club, but a bit too much hassle. Maybe we could name the stand with the Blue Seats the Ivan Thomason stand?


We have 3 Stands, so maybe our Stand could be the Eric Shaw Stand, the Roger Hunt stand could be the stand on the side of the Managers Box and the Changing Rooms, and the Blue seat stand could be the Ivan Thomason stand?


And who voted no?! :evil:

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The stand in the image has been painted Blue and Yellow during last pre-season


Back to the topic and it would be great to secure the naming of the stand for start of next season if not sooner.


I am sure Eric will be very happy to be recognised in this way and it is only deserved with all the hard work he has put in at the club, could even spure on a few businesses to invest in sponsorship too!

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No Peter I was actually refering to the whole stand as shown in the photo..... I take back my comment now FTB has said it has already been painted blue and yellow :oops: but I will take a sidwards look at the roof if ever I WALK over the cantilever :P


So back to the topic again... have you decided on a name now?


I don't really know a lot about the club or football for that matter but personally I think it would be more meaningful for it to be named after someone close to the club such as the two gents mentioned rather than the Liverpool/England player :oops: Like I said I don't know much about footy so don't shoot me for that bit.


If you only have one stand to name how about calling it the "Thomasson Shaw Stand" ?


Or you could always call it the 'Skentlebury and Turner Stand' :lol:

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I think that we have 1 Stand which we have generally decided should be named, and 2 Extra stands which could be named. What about if we have the "Eric Shaw Stand", with one of the other 2 stands being the "Ivan Thomasson Stand"?


We have decided on the 2 names though, and we have a 3rd stand if we ever look into the legal mumbo-jumbo of Sir Rogers name.

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I am sure Gary has seen this post and working on it as we speak :wink: lets see what happens in the coming weeks/months but certainly does need sorting out before start of next season...


Gary is working on lots of things behind the scenes and will take into consideration everything which has been discussed on here.

Eric Shaw is Honorary President of our club in recognition of life-time commitment to the club - and there is no greater honour than this.

There is also club founder Jimmy Drinkwater, a former President of the club to take into consideration and lots of other people.

How do you choose one above another?

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