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Ball handling, poor defence and a few others.

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Rather than start a couple of new threads I'll keep it all in one.


1. Our defence was one of the best at the start of the season, we kept Saints at 0 for 60 mins, Leeds at 4 for 65 mins, only conceded 4 against Quins and only 6 against Wigan...... What an earth as gone on since then ???? Our defence is shocking, the last two clubs have gone through us like a knife through butter, wingers and centres being dragged in and there's more holes appearing than in a rusty colander.


2. Discipline again although wasn't the best at the beginning of the season has gone right down hill now. Solomona gave a few away, we've already discussed Clarke on another thread, Morley let rip a few times last night not to mention the attempted high shots from Louis Anderson.


3. Doing stupid things and by this I mean Ben Harrison trying to offload when he's being tackled by two men, Carvell trying to offload again in the same situation when only 10 yards from the line with 4 tackles in the bag.. It was clean cut and polished against the team mentioned above with no panic rugby so again what an earth are these people doing.


4. I'll keep this one short and sweet...... Mike Cooper isn't good enough.

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I agree about Cooper, not big or good enough and fails to make an impact.


As for everything else, we were in top form and then Smith decides to make too many unneccesary changes. We have lost our momentum and confidence.


The moral of the story, never change a winning team.

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