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I was informed tonight by a Senior Youth Leader, that the Youth Service is shortly amalgamating with Connexions.

The bad news is that it will be under WBC.

When I asked if it meant extra funding being available, the answer was negative in that if there was it was unlikely to get to grass roots. Plus, it was possible that there would be a loss of jobs.

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Thank you one and all for your help in this matter


From conversations and enqueries i have made recently it appears that certain people talk a good talk but cant "do the walk " and i for one am getting fed up with so called proffesionals :( When questions are asked about extending the hours etc we get the stock answers "not enough youth workers / not enough funding" these are not answers that that are new ! i have been listening to the same answers for years ! Its a disgrace that the powers that be are letting down the youth of this town with such negativity :( i aint ever done this much typing before it just makes my blood boil that these issues have been going on for so long and still there is no change or improvement

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