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Wakefield at Home


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The result at Curzon on Monday has pulled us three points closer to the play offs, so this game is back to being a must win for the boys. The away support at Curzon on Monday was loud and proud, lets replicate that on Saturday, and help the lads to three points on the pitch. Hope Kyle is fit after going off on Monday, was impressed with Andy Heald too, not just his goal, but he plays the simple ball in midfield.


Whats everyone else's view out there??

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The away support is nearly always more vocal than the home games!

Lets create the atmosphere we had at Chester, Northwich, Curzon and many of the away games at home on Saturday.

Only three games to go at home so lets make them memorable!

We have our new apprentices down at the game as well to help swell numbers and some youngsters from the community coming down for their first experience of the field of dreams.

Lets get that stand behind the goal rockin.

Don't forget special sale of replica jerseys before kick off with prices starting from just ?5 - show your true colours!

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another very lacklustre performance at home and we were lucky to get a point.


we must be the only team in the world were are strikers will not shoot when given the oppotunity.

today has proved the that we are not consistent enough and

the points we have lost at home this season have cost us dearly.


their goal was superb ok it was a fluke but it took great vision to see the chance nothing Pritch could do about it.

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Only silver lining was Curzon & Skem losing. Compared to last Monday, there seemed a lack of urgency. When the early pass was played we seemed to have them on the back foot. fat lady isnt even warmed up yet, so Chester beating Curzon on Monday and 3 points at Durham and then it wil be game on.


Big game next Saturday v Skem.

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Town bossed the play for most of the match but were ineffective in up front, strikers frightened to shoot, taking two or more touches when they had a clear chance to shoot.

That was the 15th draw of the season, the eighth at home, and we seem to be unable to finish the lower teams off, invariably dominating the play, but having to recover from the sucker punch of going behind to salvage a point. This inability to close out matches at home is what could cost us a playoff place.

Just converting a few of the draws to wins would have us up there secure in the playoff places rather than having to rely on other teams tripping up and dropping points.

All town can do is win all their remaining matches and keep the pressure on the teams around us and hope they crack.

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