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Woolston High

ex padgate girl

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So, if the Government allowed it, hands up everyone who wants a Council Tax increase so that we can keep Woolston open?


Leaving aside BazJ's racist comments (why is it OK on here to be racist about Eastern Europeans? Just because similar comments about black or Asian people would be more obviously racist?) let's be clear, having Polish children in our schools will stave off more closures.

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Vic, just to remind you - Poles are a Nationality NOT a Race; thus whilst references may be Nationalist, they are certainly not "racist" - hope that's put that one to bed. :roll: Also, do you realise how inane your suggestion is, that migration can be used to boost pupil numbers, on that basis we could use that arguement to keep hospitals, benefit offices open etc. :roll: The issue with migrant kids in our schools is; that they can't speak English and are consuming additional funds and time in interpreters. :roll: As to the main issue: we're fighting like dogs over the scraps from the Government's table; with the Council having to do the Government's dirty work for them, and of course take the blame. :roll:

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Never mind worrying about school places, seems as though we are going to need many extra places/facilities etc for our old folk according to the following snippet:


Pensioners are set to outnumber children for the first time in recent history as the UK's population is set to increase to 70 million by 2030, according to new figures released today.



A study by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that this year, for the first time ever, the population of people claiming state pensions will exceed the number of children.


Statistics show that as the population ages, the numbers in the oldest age bands increase the fastest.


In 2006, there were 4.7 million people in the UK aged 75 and over. The number is projected to increase to 5.5 million by 2016 and to 8.2 million by 2031, a rise of 76 per cent over twenty-five years.

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obviously by your ignorent comments (and it has already been pointed out to you) Polish isn't a race. there is mass migration to this country by people from an eastern european persuasion which prompted my comments. My company works in many many primary and secondary schools and the funds that are needed to provide langauge teachers and translation to the foreign kids who must be taught or at least offered a place by the schools is growing by the month.


So please, In future keep your uneducated comments to yourself or maybe we could keep some of the high schools open by offering additional lessons to the masses?


[ 23.10.2007, 19:06: Message edited by: BazJ ]

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Originally posted by BazJ:

Probably not Geoff to be honest.


The decision has obviously been made and the school will shut; regardless of what anyone tries to do to stop it.

That may be true now but with May 08 around the corner, they may think twice

We should all stand up and fight as it may be your school next !


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To me it looks like the council is run by 9 exec's. 10 but 2 speak with the same voice ! L and R smith

At least some councillors are fighting back

see notes for the council meeting on Monday.

Motion 1 Woolston High School


Proposed Councillor Colin Froggatt

Seconded Councillor Maureen Banner


That this Council asks the Executive Board to consider and agree the following in their consideration of the proposal to close Woolston High School:


1. that the parents of two primary schools (St Elphin?s and Oakwood) in Central and Eastern Warrington (subject of the recent review) should have been asked whether they wished to change their partnering arrangements to the two nearest Secondary Schools ? Padgate & Woolston High. This would have had the potential to increase the intake in the area by 90 pupils and would help to negate falling roles in the area.


2. to ask the Children?s Services department to take into consideration potential population increases, which may be caused by the proposed building of social housing on Bruche Police Training Camp.


3. that small Secondary Schools, such as Cardinal Newman High (670 pupils) and Sir Thomas Boteler (676) can deliver a successful and comprehensive curriculum for the benefit of their pupils.


4. that Padgate High (872 pupils) and Woolston High (964 pupils) could equally deliver a successful and comprehensive curriculum with similar or even greater numbers.


5. that it would have been helpful to publish the potential P.A.N. (Planned Admission Numbers) up to 2013 for each individual school as at May 2006 (prior to the commencement of the Secondary Education Reviews) in order to fully ascertain the pupil potential for each individual High School; and in the case of Woolston High School, allow it to compare itself on a numerically competitive basis with other schools in Warrington.


6. that to close Woolston High School would reduce choice for pupils and parents.


7. that the Executive Board meet representatives of Woolston High School and listen to their concerns regarding the proposed closure of the school before any decision is made by them.


(A Briefing Note will be provided for Members on this issue).

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Originally posted by Geoff Settle:

Interesting reading on the WWW front page today about concerns in the way that information was/wasn't collated people consulted/not consulted about the High School.


Will the issues be properly aired and discussed?

I very much doubt it.


What will happen is that the 'council' will agree to any additional chats around the table or more consultation excercises. They will discuss (to a point) and listen (deafly) and may even appear to agree to an extent but it will end with the usual... 'it's the Government NOT US tale of woe etc' or even 'the consultation proved that we were right even though no-one else can interpret the results the same as we do' :wink::roll:

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Originally posted by observer:

Local Councils operate within a Government straight-jacket; and apply the policies of the Government of the day, within budgets set by the Government of the day. :( So don't blame the LOCAL Council; blame the Government. :roll:

Maybe so Observer but where does the buck stop so to speak?


If you complain locally you get told it's becasue of National Government etc...


Then if you complain to National Government or any other body higher than local status they ALL tell you they don't get involved in local issues... :roll:

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With all due respect to those sincerely fighting the Woolston closure: your stuck inside a political game locally, with Labour seizing the opportunity to embarrass the Lib Con Alliance and hopefully win seats at the next election. :roll: Not sure this Country will ever recover from their aimless dabling? :x

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I am one of those sincerely fighting the closure of Woolston High,I also sincerely hope that you are wrong about the political game play... Once an optimist eh?


This proposal has to be reversed, not just for the sake of the hundreds of kids affected in Woolston(every child matters?), but also those across town who will be forced to be educated in overcrowded classes in order to accommodate the inevitable increase in numbers. The hatching of new portakabins will be a welcome sight I am sure.

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