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Hollyoaks game


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Dave Ness and Tom Rutter. Carl Rutter went on near the end as did Lee.


A good entertaining game spoilt by two goal keeping errors. Disappointed that James (Manager) didn't change the players in the second half. It was a Charity game, and I know pride was at stake, but I would like to have seen Carl have more than 5 minutes and even James himself doing a bit.

Disappointed that none of the First team or management didn't makean apearance in support of the event. And only TWO of the board made an appearance.

Onwards and upwards? I wonder.

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Was a good entertaining day and very well thought out and went smoothly, credit to Peter Barrett and everyone else who made the day go well. Looking forward to finding out how much was raised from the event.


I thought the match itself would be totally different but we had a good solid game of football, didnt expect it to be like that but enjoyable to watch.


Great day and hopefully if a small percentage of people who came come back to watch our home games then it will have been an even bigger success in the long run.


Once again well done Peter Barrett and everyone involved in the day

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And only TWO of the board made an appearance.

Onwards and upwards? I wonder.

Well one member of the board was too ill to attend the league game on saturday but did make the effort to go to Harrogate on Thursday evening. :roll::wink:

Being a board member does not mean you have to attend every event on and off the field.

Support from the board is provided in many different ways.

Obviously I can't speak on behalf of the management but as they put many hours in attending various games involving other clubs throughout the winter I am sure they are allowed the occasional day off.

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Gary, no-one is disputing the hard work put in by the board, and the fact that the progress being made wouldn't have happened without them. But at a time when the profile of the club needs boosting to get more through the gate, (ask me about the colleges when you see me) and rumblings about fans not returning after Saturdays game, it would have been a good PR job if more of the club, (Board and playing side), had shown there faces at a one off family day.


PS. Hope you have recovered. :wink:

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