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Wigan Game


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Great win for us. I thought we controlled and dominated the game from start to finish.


Our line defence was superb and Wigan only got on the scoreboard with a somewhat fortunate try.


my only gripe would be that we conceded too many pens for my liking and we dropped too much ball.


I also think we were better than an 18 point margin.


Again I would like to know were this 'all new' Matty Blythe has come from. He was awesome again and totally unrecognisable from the player he was 12 months ago. I cant comprehend how a player can go from being extremely average to awesome in such a short period of time.

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Very satisfying victory in which all the team played well. If a side can overcome the holding down / wrestling tactics the Pies employ they are relatively easy to beat that is, if it isn't working ,they don't have a PlanB. Wire are now the team everybody has to beat to be in the honours this season which hasn't happened since the mid 1970's. Mr Smith has ensured the dark days are really behind us now and with the youngsters coming through the future is Wire. Morley / Monaghan / Carvell has to be the best front row in the game. They totally dominated the Wigan front row last night. The Wigan biff / bash didn't stand a chance. Even at his advanced age I wouldn't choose to have anybody but Morley as the leader of the mighty Wire pack. He must be playing better than at any time in his career. A fearsome runner and a punishing tackler. Monaghan as a halfback was a complete duffer but as a hooker he must be the best in the game. When Morley isn't running at you you've got Carvell who is just as hard as Morley to put down. The most enjoyable incident last night was Solomna holding Tomkins at arms length and making him look like the spoiled brat he is. If we play with the same intensity every week as we did last night it will take a very good side to get anywhere near us.


As an aside is it possible that the Pies have been duped by agents in Ozz ? Their new signings looked to be very ordinary indeed. World class only in the estimation of their agents.

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