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Warrington Old Photos.6.


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Many of these photograph?s may be available

from the Warrington Museum/Library and will

be of far superior quality to those viewed here.



1906. The Victoria Bridge.



1906. Building the new tower on St. Marys' Church, ChurchStreet.



1906. Price's Store, Buttermarket Street.



1907. 22nd May, Bridge Street demolition.





1907. Bridge Street. new shops have appeared before the demolition has been completed.



1907. Jan 31st. The Queens Hotel Sankey Street, The large high entrance would indicate that this hotel would have had livery stables to accomodate the change of stagecoach horses.



1907. Warrington Rugby League players proudly showing off the Northern Union Cup after touring the town in this tram, the team won the Cup after beating Oldham 17 points to 3.



1907. Warrington South Lancashire Regiment Memorial unveiled by General Buller.



1907. Warrington South Lancs Regiment Memorial.



1908. Looking up Buttermarket Street with Bank Street through the arch on the left.



1908.Warrington Bridge.Street, viewing the buildings on the left, a very modern shopping street in its day.



1908.Warrington Bridge Street viewing the new buildings from the corner of Buttermarket Street and looking toward BridgeFoot.



1908. Wilson PattenStreet, West.



1908. Wilson Patten Street showing stylish Victorian properties having fine views across the river to Cheshire, built for the professional people of the town.



1908. Wilson Patten Street East.



1910. 6th May, Dignitaries assemble on the Town Hall Balcony & steps for the Proclamation of George V as King.


1910. The corner of Buttermarket Street & HorsemarketStreet.



1910.Buttermarket Street with the Old Pelican Inn on the left.



1910. Dallam Locomotive Sheds with two senior members of staff, perhaps the shed foreman and manager, discussing a problem



1910. A rare photo of Dallam Locomotive Sheds.



1910. Latchford Weir with The Warps in the distance, how much nicer that bend on the river looked then.

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Any idea what year the river course was changed?

Peter I've 'cobbled' this up, its as much as I know about that area, although I do know that the Warps had its own wharf by the side of the 'Hell Hole'.

Originally the Old Warps Estate, Victoria Park was purchased by the Warrington Corporation in 1897 to improve the health and well being of Warrington's working class. It was renamed Victoria Park to mark the queen's jubilee year.

Edited this in since.


Did You Know


* close to Black Bear bridge is the site of the ancient ford over the River Mersey. Used since about 8000BC it remained the only major crossing of the river until the middle of the 13th century.

* in the early 18th century a large area of the park was under water forming part of the notorious 'hell hole' - a river loop subject to severe silting causing many boats to run aground and dangerous even at high tide.

* in 1724 a series of weirs were built on the Mersey, the 'hell hole' was lost and over the next 100 years the ox bow that was left was filled in and became part of the Old Warps Estate.

* in 1819 the oldest horse in the world retired to the estate. Born in 1760, Billy worked for the Mersey and Irwell Navigation Company until 1819. Old Billy was 62 years old when he died on 27 November 1822.

* in 1912 a suspension bridge was built from Howley across to Victoria Park. It should have been a 60 foot wide bridge to relieve traffic at Bridge Foot but insufficient funds meant that only the footbridge we see today was constructed.

* the area's first municipal bowling green was opened in 1905 and the first public tennis court in 1920.


Credit to Warrington Borough Council - Local History & Heritage



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what a lot of people don't know is in the 91th century that was not Latchford but Thelwall. :wink:


the 91th century Algy :shock::lol::wink:


The Old Warps lodge was actually turned over over to the Warrington Council Health Committee for use as the temporary maternity home in July 1917 where it stayed in use as a maternity home until 1982.


In 1990, the 'Old Warps' lodge was then turned into care home for the elderly and it became called 'Park Manor'. Personally I would have left it as the 'Old Warps' just for a giggle :oops::lol:


Really interesting read about the River, what the 'Old Warps' was/came from and also a bit more about the building too although I may get a telling off for posting this link.


It's about our local history and heritage though



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It was one of those special and rather funny moments not to be missed Agly especially as you are so good on history and stuff :wink: Your mistake made me giggle anyway :lol:


Perhaps you would also like to correct your above posting as your 'quoting' is wrong.


Ok so I am pushing my luck now eh and as for 'living in glass houses and people throwing stones' I guess I'd better watch my step for a while eh :oops::wink::lol:

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Yes thanks Algy. We ran an article in West Side about the points you have mentioned. Just that I couldn't remember the dates.


The Old Warps was renamed later after it became a "care" home, not when.

They used to do operations upstairs as well. (The snip) :shock:

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And me also.

Great photos once again. If my memory serves, the Grand clothing hall in Bridge street, was where we all got our "utility" clothing during the war. (General durable stuff, but nothing fancy) plus I got my Grammar school jacket and cap from that shop as it was cheap. Then walk twenty yards further down and get the georgeous smell from the side of Carters Cafe.


Happy days

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Ouch :shock::lol::wink:


In the mid 90's they used to arrange abortions there too although I don't think they actually did them there :?


How odd as that would have been the same time as it was the old people's home :shock::lol:


Yes, it was all done on the top floor, by one of the Doctors who owned the place. I think there were three of them and I know one is still working in Warrington. They also ran the care home. After it closed, they turned the place into bedsits before one of the family turned it into a restaurant.

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My aunt was resident in the care home , when we went to visit her she always appeared happy and well cared for yet all of a sudden all the residents were moved to other care homes around Warrington and the place was closed down with rumours that the staff had been cruel to them, never did get to the bottom of it, I do know that my aunt was very upset as she had a room with a view over the park and river and finished up in Latchford and was never happy there.

If wonder anyone could enlighten me as what went on there?. :?

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Now that IS mean Algy. You know what us girlies are like if we think we are missing out on something :lol::wink::P


Anyway I'll try not to dwell on it as if feel really yeuchy and think it's time for a hot water bottle and sleep :cry:


Looking forward to tomorrow's batch of photo's from you :D

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