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Warrington Old Photos.5.


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Many of these photograph?s may be available

from the Warrington Museum/Library and will

be of far superior quality to those viewed here.





1901. A tram passing over the Victoria Bridge, Knutsford Road to the right.








1901. An elderly Organ Grinder outside Central Station.



1901.Towns people gathering in Sankey Street to celebrate the return of soldiers of The Prince of Wales Volunteers from the Boer war.



1901. Winwick Street, crowds welcoming home the troops from the Boer War.



1901. The Prince of Wales Volunteers arrive home from the Boer War at Central Station.



C1902. Wilderspool Road viewed from Bridge Foot the Bridge Inn is on the right, Norton Armson the left by the Wilderspool railway crossings.



1902. Webbs tobacconist with the entrance to Wainwrights yard on the left.



1902-3. Widening Bridge Street and the laying of tramlines.



1903. Crosfields steam wagon.



1904. 13th March Monks Hall Steelworks, the 'Coach & Horses and St. Lukes Church are middle distance, left.



1904. Knutsford Rd Latchford Swing Bridge.



1905. Corner of Bridge Street & Sankey Street showing Cramptons English Store.



1905. Corner of Church Street & Mersey Street.



1905.Jan.28th.Buttermarketstreet looking towards Market Gate, the town clock in Sankey Street can be seen in the distance.




1905. Penketh Co-operative Store.



1905. Sankey Street looking towards MarketGate, note the difference in class between the young girl in the shawl and the two ladies crossing the street.





1905. The Farmers Arms Fearnhead Lane, advertising 'Wilderspool's Sparkling Ales'.[/img]

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I must admit movement can add character to the composition of the picture. I know a great deal of these photos repeat themselves but I find that if you study the detail sufficiently you get a feel for what the street really was like, in the one we have been discussing, Buttermarket street was so narrow and if you look carefully you can make out the Crown & sceptre followed by the Fox Inn both on the left, not sure yet what the pub is on the right with the lamps though.

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dont ask me why I looked and no use whatsoever really as its 20 years before the photos anyway but the


1881 census Address search (free) has


Fox Inn 8 Buttermarket Street - Inkeeper John Jenks


Crown & Sceptre 10 Buttermarket Street - Inkeeper John Lake


Curriers Arms 12 Buttermarket Street - Inkeeper Thomas Halton


White Bear 28 Buttermarket Street - No Inkeeper but a brickmaker and his family plues some other labourers lived there.


Rope and Anchor 34 Buttermarket Street - Inkeeper Gilbert C Risley


Kings Arms 52 Buttermatket Street = Inkeeper James Rigby


Wagon and Horses 63 Buttermarket Street - Inkeeper Thomas Maskell


and Number 80 was the 'Revenue Offices'.


The things 'some people' search for when somethings free eh but at least I didn't list all their wives and childrens names on here for you too :oops::lol:

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Dizz, thanks for the information any facts I always find interesting, I think I may have shown this document before but in Word format and someone said when they went to download the list it was identified by their anti-virus programm as a virus so I have converted it to PDF and all appears ok now, as you have an inquisitive mind it shoud keep you busy for a while, it is hosted by Mediafire (free) and here is the link.




any one else who wishes to download it, help yourselves.

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