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No more new laws

harry hayes

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An old time comedian used to start his act"once upon a time there were two Chinese". Then after a wicked pause would say "now look how many there are ".


One of my boring sayings is that there are too many laws. We used to manage with ten - or 9 if your neighbour doesn't have an ox.


When I joined the police the training officer acknowledged that you couldn't know all the law and said that if you acted in good faith, you would always be backed up.


When we couldn't find a precise law we resorted to the catch all "conduct likely,which is similar to the army"conduct prejudicial to good order"


Everone is presumed to know the law, which is nonsense. Not one person in the country knows a quarter of the law without retiring to a back room and reading up. No-one, policeman, judge, or mr Loophole knows the drink driving laws as there have been hundreds of stated cases which turned black and white into extremely shady grey.


Nowadays if there is a fire in coal bucket somewhere, at the cost of many millions of pounds, hey presto, you have a Fire Bucket Act"

I would guess tht the topical litter act came about at the whim of an MP in order to be specific and plug a gap which wasn't there in the first place.


We have gone too far now to repeal what we have, but there are no new offences, merely variations on the old ones.


Save umpteen millions of pounds in time and fees for lawyers (who perhaps are the prime movers), and have no more new laws unless they have been found absolutely necessary and have been given proper thinking time.


Happy days

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All EU laws cannot be repealed unless we get persission from all the member states, thats about 75% of our laws then. Like killing the head vampire, parliament needs to repeal the European communites act 1972. There are that many laws that chances are we are breaking a dozen of them a day :lol::lol:

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I really distrust the BBC, especially when an ex EU comissioner Chris pattern becomes chair of a comittee which looks after impartiality but thats for another day.


The British Government estimates that around 50% of UK legislation with a significant economic impact originates from EU legislation.


so thats the EU stifiling growth, and jobs.


It is difficult to differentiate between EU-induced and nationally induced changes to the law. Governments might have intended to implement legislation in areas in which the EU decides to act, or have legislated in anticipation of the adoption of an EU law. These do not then show up as EU-based, even though they might have been EU-influenced.


Estimates of the proportion of national laws based on EU laws vary widely in other EU Member States, ranging from 6.3% to 84%. However, there is no totally accurate, rational or useful way of calculating the percentage of national laws based on or influenced by the EU.


Good god! nobody knows! :lol::lol:




Basically there has been that many laws steming from a foreign power, nobody really knows, UKIP says 75%, that paper from the HoC saus 15-50%, the BBC says "much", its one complete and utter f*** up :roll:

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